House Concerts

Every home is made for a House Concert.

For centuries folk have known minstrels, instruments over their shoulders, arriving with news from distant places and tales from the journeys that brought them there. Welcome to a 21st century minstrel! Edith Wallace tours extensively around North America and abroad, singing in the homes of new and old friends. Long before there were microphones and electronic everything, music was shared like this.

Playing several instruments, skillfully weaving an intimate tapestry in the light and dark of life, Edith’s songs celebrate the endless unfolding of truth and growth. She knows how to laugh at it all, and bring audiences along on the journey.

Celebrating an occasion? Wine and cheese? Potluck? Just a cup of tea and dessert at intermission? This is your event, make it work for you.

Small space? No matter. There is always room for one more guest. Invite the neighbours …you never see enough of them, anyway.

Charge a fee, pass the hat, or pay for the whole evening and treat your friends. Life is made to be celebrated!

Talk with Edith for more specific information about your special evening. She is always happy to discuss schedules and upcoming adventures.

To book your own House Concert, contact Edith personally via email:, or by phone: 778-384-0675